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Top Five Positive Instagram Accounts

Top five

Unpopular opinion: I really like Instagram and 90% of the time it doesn’t make me feel bad about myself. I do however appreciate that lots of people do not share the same opinion as me. Instagram has a particularly bad reputation for showing us a heavily filtered version of life that promotes unhelpful ideals however strongly feel that used sensibly, Instagram can do great things. I follow people/companies/initiatives that are positive and un-follow all who even vaguely give me bad feelings. For this reason I have listed my top five positive Instagram accounts, I do apologise these are female heavy, if some lovely person would like to guest write a more male dominated list I would be very grateful! I also could have made this list a top 10 but wondered if I would ever stop, so here they are:

More than just an Instagram account The Happy News does just what is says on the tin: it’s a newspaper of happy, positive news. The mainstream media is exceptionally negative, Emily Coxhead saw this and turned it upside down. There are LOADS of people doing amazing, lovely, kind things in this world and we need to be shouting about it! Follow The Happy News and subscribe to the paper to get a big dose of positivity!

Choose Real is that campaign women of all ages need in their life. They’re all about embracing the woman you are, boosting self-confidence and knowing you are more than enough just the way you are. I have used Choose Real resources with teens to help them understand they have beauty beyond their looks and for that reason I love Choose Real.

Stacie Swift is a fabulous illustrator who is using this talent to spread all of the lovely words on Instagram! Following Stacie Swift on Instagram will truly brighten up your feed and give any dodgy day a little boost of happiness. You can also buy prints, cards and keyrings on her Etsy page.

The Just, Girl. Project. is a passionate movement exploring girl power at its best. Starting life as a crowdfunding project The Just, Girl. Project covers topics such as body image, supporting friends, feelings and many more. They have beautiful illustrations to accompany their honest words and are encouraging a generation of girls to learn to love themselves.

This last one might be cheating because it’s two accounts but I can’t advocate one without the other! Mother of Daughters and Father of Daughters are doing fabulous things with their Instagram accounts. Being a parent is HARD (understatement of the century). But what these two parents are doing is talking publicly about the struggles and smiles of being parents. They are doing the opposite of what Instagram has a bad reputation for. They are providing an un-filtered version of parenthood which any struggling, stressed parent could do with seeing. Mother and Father of Daughters are making parents feel less alone in their rearing of the next generation!

When you discover a feel good Instagram account, link your friends up too! We all need a bit of positivity on our feeds!

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