The Power of Theatre

BY HANNAH MORPETH I have lost count of the number of theatre productions I’ve seen over the last few years, huge productions on a UK tour in a big fancy theatre and small intimate shows on make-shift stages, neither being any better than the other. My love for theatre however was born out of those… Continue reading The Power of Theatre



BY BETH ALLISON Suzanna Walters’ Eat Me is, ‘too amazing’, it took me an hour to say this because the play had stunned me into silence. It stunned me because, after thirteen years of chronic anorexia nervosa and three ongoing years of recovering, this play is unrivalled in its raw honesty and searing accuracy in… Continue reading REVIEW: Eat Me


REVIEW: Living with a Dark Lord

As some of you probably already know we interviewed Cait O'Sullivan about her new play Living with a Dark Lord a few weeks ago so obviously when the opportunity came around to see the play we had to take it and are so glad we did. Living with a Dark Lord gives what can only… Continue reading REVIEW: Living with a Dark Lord


INTERVIEW: Cait O’Sullivan – Living with a Dark Lord

Tell us about something great you’ve read/watched/listed to recently… Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, I saw it in a book shop and read the first page, I thought it was really boring and put it back. When I was on holiday I downloaded it onto my kindle and couldn’t put it down, it was really… Continue reading INTERVIEW: Cait O’Sullivan – Living with a Dark Lord