Accessibility to Anxiety Provoking Information

I am almost 24 years old, I was 7 when the 9/11 terrorist attack happened; 11 when the London 7/7 terror attack happened and 15 when the police were on a six-day manhunt for criminal Raoul Moat in my local area. I found out all the details of these events as an adult by looking… Continue reading Accessibility to Anxiety Provoking Information


Interview with Laura Brewis, We Make Culture

Hannah Morpeth recently spoke to Laura Brewis of We Make Culture, a Sunderland based arts organisation who are making cultural opportunities to boost wellbeing. Recent Reading/Listening/Watching Having little children makes it difficult for any of us to be able to culturally engage in what we want to however Laura shared her love for listening to… Continue reading Interview with Laura Brewis, We Make Culture


Why Create Healthy Minds?

BY HANNAH MORPETH Create Healthy Minds is a concept that I have been pondering over for a few years now however always found myself wondering what the “right way” to do it is. There is a surge in people organising and delivering courses and workshops around mental health and I find myself aghast at the… Continue reading Why Create Healthy Minds?