Lockdown Letters Part One

Hello! It has been a while, for various reasons even prior to the pandemic we've hurtled into, so I'm sorry about that. This is the first of two posts about letter writing in lockdown that I thought people may find helpful. I am finding that my Twitter feed at the moment is a 50/50 split… Continue reading Lockdown Letters Part One


Journalling for Wellbeing at The Staiths Cafe

Join us at The Staiths Cafe for our Journalling for Wellbeing workshop. Journalling for Wellbeing is a creative workshop as part of Monday Club at The Staiths Cafe, Gateshead. The first half of the workshop will involve getting crafty together and designing a journal to reflect your personality. We will then move onto learning some… Continue reading Journalling for Wellbeing at The Staiths Cafe


Letter Writing – Writing to Your Future Self

BY HANNAH MORPETH I first wrote a letter to my future self at the age of eighteen in the summer after my A Level exams, awaiting results that would determine the next three years of my life at a time of conflict in family relationships. I wouldn’t have pictured the way my life would change… Continue reading Letter Writing – Writing to Your Future Self

Top Five

Top Five Positive Instagram Accounts

Unpopular opinion: I really like Instagram and 90% of the time it doesn't make me feel bad about myself. I do however appreciate that lots of people do not share the same opinion as me. Instagram has a particularly bad reputation for showing us a heavily filtered version of life that promotes unhelpful ideals however… Continue reading Top Five Positive Instagram Accounts


Journaling for Wellbeing

“When I write I can shake off my cares, my sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived” Anne Frank We as a nation seem to be slightly lost in the wellbeing cult. By this I mean we are bombarded with happy smiley faces doing 5am yoga classes, keeping gratitude journals and eating avocado on toast in… Continue reading Journaling for Wellbeing


Interview with Laura Brewis, We Make Culture

Hannah Morpeth recently spoke to Laura Brewis of We Make Culture, a Sunderland based arts organisation who are making cultural opportunities to boost wellbeing. Recent Reading/Listening/Watching Having little children makes it difficult for any of us to be able to culturally engage in what we want to however Laura shared her love for listening to… Continue reading Interview with Laura Brewis, We Make Culture


Why Create Healthy Minds?

BY HANNAH MORPETH Create Healthy Minds is a concept that I have been pondering over for a few years now however always found myself wondering what the “right way” to do it is. There is a surge in people organising and delivering courses and workshops around mental health and I find myself aghast at the… Continue reading Why Create Healthy Minds?